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About Live Happier


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Retirement is an opportunity - a once in a lifetime chance at an exciting new chapter. So whether you're still making plans or you're already there, we believe that the best is yet to come. Live Happier was designed to help you create a vision of the kind of retirement you want by connecting you with a community of like-minded people and giving you free access to loads of useful articles and information from expert contributors. Put simply, Live Happier is here to help you design a retirement you'll love.


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What you'll get from Live Happier

Live Happier isn't going to tell you what you should be doing or give you any easy off-the-shelf answers. But what you will find is the type of information, inspiration and discussions that will help you arrive at your own answers.

With that in mind, Live Happier is made up of six topics that will get you thinking about key aspects of retirement: your vision for a happy future and your ideas and attitudes towards work, leisure, wellbeing, relationships and finance.

Each of these topics contains a short Intro to start you thinking, a longer Guide to help you develop those ideas and a host of regularly updated articles to give you a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of what you want from your retirement.

Why Aviva created Live Happier

We created Live Happier to help people plan happier and more fulfilling retirements. And a big part of that was about helping people realise there's a lot more to retirement planning than sorting out your pension.


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How Aviva created Live Happier

To do all this we enlisted the support of a range of expert contributors. The Intros, Guides and a number of the articles were created by Dr. Barrie Hopson and Mike Scally, two of the UK's leading learning and retirement experts. We then opened the net a little further to bring in experts from within Aviva, and from across the world. We hope that the insights and expertise on offer will help you to get the most and more from your retirement.

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