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Asked by NeilSlater
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I'd like to rent part of our home - has anyone done it before?

Has anyone recently rented part of their property? I've never done it before and have no idea where to start! My wife don't need the extra room though, and the extra cash would be nice for travelling.

on January 11, 2017

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Added by Live Happier Team 4 months ago

Hi Neil,

It's great to hear that you and your wife are considering renting part of your home. We've written an article on renting part or all of your home, which should give you some really useful tips to get started. You can read it here:

And once you have a little extra cash, why not take a look at our leisure articles, for some travel inspiration!

We wish you all the best with it,
The Live Happier Team

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Added by TonyJPeters 4 months ago

I've done it - and it's a great little earner! My other half wasn't too keen on having a lodger but we've been doing it for a few years now and never looked back. We've met some great people too and heard lots of interesting stories - now we've got friends around the world and have even visited some in their home countries! Go for it :)

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Added by JackHudson 4 months ago

Not sure I would like to have strangers having the run of my house. How do you keep your possessions safe? I wouldn't want to have everything under lock and key!