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Asked by JackHudson
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When I retire (early next year) I want to have some options. I would like to continue learning but I've did University when I was young and I'm looking for some alternatives. Best, Jack

on November 4, 2016

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Added by Live Happier Team 6 months ago

Good evening Jack.
Lots of people choose to continue their learning in retirement but that doesn't have to mean University. We've got some great alternatives in this handy article. Take a look and don't forget to let us know what you think:
Best, the Live Happier Team

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Added by AlexSimmons 6 months ago


How can I convince my boss to give me some time off work? I really love my job and dont see myself retiring anytime soon, however, there is a yearly event I really want to attend. Any advice you could give me?


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Added by LiveHappierTeam 6 months ago

Good afternoon Alex

Sometimes we all need that two week break and this can be hard to come by in this fast paced working environment. Luckily we have a range of bespoke articles that can hopefully help you get around the issue.
Have a read at this article, hope this helps.