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Frequently asked questions

What is Live Happier?

Take a look at the ‘About’ section to find out what Live Happier is all about.

How can Live Happier help me?

If you’re about to retire or are thinking about the kind of retirement you’d like to have one day then Live Happier was designed with you in mind. Working through the programme will introduce you to key topics to help you prepare for a rounded enriching and happy retirement. You’ll also have access to articles written by retirement experts and contributors as well as the support of a like-minded online community.

I’m under 50 years old. Can I still join Live Happier?

Absolutely! Live Happier was created for people who are in or approaching retirement but even if that’s not you we hope you’ll still find the website inspiring and informative.

I’m over 50 years old; will Live Happier be any use to me?

If you’re looking for information and inspiration to help you lead a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle Live Happier can help no matter how old you are. It’s never too late to discover innovative new ways to make adjustments to your current lifestyle and those little tweaks could make all the difference in the long run.

Do I have to be an Aviva customer to join Live Happier?

No Live Happier is totally free and always will be; you don’t need to be an Aviva customer to join the programme.

Why do I need to register on Live Happier?

You don’t need to register to read discussions articles or to take quizzes. But if you do want the full Live Happier experience you’ll need to register and be logged into the website.

Why do you need my personal details?

For you to create your Live Happier account we just need to take a few simple details, this is to complete our registration process. We also want to make sure you’re seeing the relevant articles and information based on what you’ve told us about yourself. You’ll see these helpful updates on the website or we’ll send you the occasional email which you can choose to stop receiving at any point.

How much will Live Happier cost me?

Live Happier is entirely free and always will be. You’ll never have to pay to use any part of the programme.

Who owns Live Happier and what will it help me with?

Live Happier was created by Aviva one of the UK’s leading life and pensions companies with the help of leading life-long learning and retirement experts. It will help you think about your plans for retirement and hopefully it’ll help you live a happier and more fulfilling life in the years ahead.

Do you share my information?

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

How long does it take to complete an Intro?

Not long at all. Each Intro should take less than 10 minutes to work through but it’s entirely up to you how long you spend on them.

Can I save my progress in an Intro?

You can take a break from the Intro by pressing the “Save” button and return to where you left off at any time.

How do I download the Guides?

Once you’ve completed the relevant Intro you’ll then be able to download the Guide on the results page.

Can I print the Guides out?

Yes! In fact we encourage you to print out the Guides so you can write your answers down in the designated answer boxes.

Do I have to work through the Guides in a particular order?

You can work through the Guides in any order you like although we do recommend starting out with the Guide to Retirement Vision as it sets up your thinking for the rest of Live Happier. But it’s really up to you to start wherever you feel most interested and comfortable.

Do I have to read all the Guides?

You don’t have to read all the Guides to benefit from the Live Happier programme. However we do suggest you start with the Guide to Retirement Vision before working through the other Guides as each topic has been carefully chosen to help you get the most from your retirement.

Do I have to finish a Guide?

You don’t have to finish a Guide although they’ve been designed to introduce you to different retirement topics so it will help if you complete them all.

I have downloaded the guide but cannot view it?

If you are having problems viewing the guide you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here for free.

Do I have to finish an Intro?

You don’t have to complete an Intro but finishing will take you through to the results page where you’ll see how other people answered as well as a recap of your written answers.

Do I have to do every Intro?

It’s entirely up to you whether or not you decide to complete all the Intros or if you cherry pick the ones you think are most relevant to you.

Can I retake an Intro?

It’s possible for you to retake an Intro once you’ve finished by clicking the “Edit” button which will save your original answers but allow you to change them; or clicking “Start again” which will erase all your answers and let you start from scratch.

How can I learn about a topic I’m interested in?

There’s plenty of information on Live Happier to help you learn more about the topics you’re interested in. You could start with some of the articles written specifically to support your Live Happier learning or join in a discussion with other members to learn from each other.

I can’t get onto an Intro – what do I do?

Make sure you’re registered and logged into Live Happier. If this still doesn’t work please get in touch with the Live Happier team and we’ll try to help.

The Intros don’t work on my laptop/mobile/tablet – what do I do?

The Intros should work across all devices so please get in touch with the Live Happier team and let us know which device you’re using so we can look into this for you.

The videos won’t play – what do I do?

First check you have the ability to watch videos on your device. The videos are hosted on YouTube and you should be able to view them directly on Live Happier.

Can I write an article for Live Happier?

All articles are written by contributing authors selected by Aviva and our retirement experts. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor email the Live Happier team and we’ll be in touch.

How do I start a discussion?

If you’d like to start a new discussion to see what other members have to say just log in go to the Discussions tab and click “Start a new discussion”.

How do I reply to a discussion?

If you’d like to get involved in a conversation click the “Reply” button underneath the discussion to reveal the comment panel. Then just add in your comment and click “Submit Reply”.

How do I leave a comment on an article?

If you want to leave a comment on an article scroll down to the bottom of the page add your comment in the panel and click “Submit Comment”.

Can I change or delete something I’ve already posted?

You can post a comment on an article or discussion, but you won’t be able to edit or delete it afterwards. This is because it could make a reply chain seem disjointed. If you’d like your comment removed get in touch with the Live Happier team at

Why hasn’t my comment/question/response been posted?

Before your comment is visible the Live Happier team will need to have a quick look to check it’s appropriate. There’s a strict profanity filter so try to avoid any swearing!

How do I report a comment/question/response?

If a comment or discussion has caused you offence then click the “Report Comment” flag. The Live Happier team will take a look at the report and either remove the comment or re-instate it if they don’t think it’s offensive.

I don’t think a discussion/comment/question/response is appropriate – what do I do?

If you feel like a discussion/comment/question/response is inappropriate you can report it to the Live Happier team. The content will be removed if they find it inappropriate or re-instated if it’s found not to be offensive.

Why is a comment greyed out?

A comment is greyed out after it’s been reported while the Live Happier team has a look at it.

Why has my comment been removed?

The Live Happier team will remove your comment if it’s considered inappropriate.

Who writes the articles on Live Happier?

All Live Happier articles are written by carefully chosen contributing authors. The contributors are all experts in their field and have been chosen because their knowledge and experience will hopefully add value to your Live Happier experience.

How can I find out more about the author of an article?

Our contributing authors each have their own profile page on the Live Happier website.

How can I search for subjects I’m interested in?

You can search Live Happier for content you’re interested in by typing what you’re looking for into the search panel in the top right hand corner of the site and clicking the microscope icon or pressing enter. For example if you’re interested in learning more about mindful living in retirement just type “mindful” into the panel you’ll then be shown all relevant content on a results page.

Does my username have to be the same as my email address?

This depends on whether you have a policy with Aviva. If you do, you’re able to change username anytime through MyAviva. Just click on the ‘security details’ tab and take it from there. If you’re yet to become an Aviva customer, your email address also acts as your username.

How do I change my personal details for Live Happier?

You can change any aspect of your personal details – from display name to picture – by simply visiting your ‘My Account’ page. You’ll find the button in the top right of your Live Happier screen.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

No problem – just follow these three simple steps: 1. Look out for the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the login page. 2. Click on this link and you’ll be asked to enter your username and date of birth. 3. You’ll then be sent a link to reset your password.

Can I change my marketing preferences?

You can email us at any time to have your details removed from lists used by us for marketing purposes. Please note it can take up to 20 working days for your details to be updated.

I’m getting emails I don’t want – how do I change this?

Each email you receive should feature an “Unsubscribe” link which will tell us to stop sending you emails from Live Happier.

I want to receive information from Live Happier – how do I do this?

By signing up to Live Happier you’ll automatically begin to receive relevant updates from us. But don’t worry – we won’t bombard you with emails and we’ll make sure they’re always informative and full of the exciting new content the site has to offer.